Shane Houchin

Shane Houchin is an Earth-scientist, artist, musician, and avid explorer of the natural world. He has recently graduated from the UCLA EPSS department with a B.S. in Geology and is preparing to start a PhD at Caltech in the Fall. His scientific focus is in Earth’s deep past - such as when, why, and how plate tectonics initiated. His current research involves analyzing lunar samples using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy-dispersive spectrography (EDS), the project aims to identify micron-scale mineral grains of zircon and apatite for radiometric dating in order to better understand the impact history and early conditions of the Earth-Moon system during the first billion years of their existence. As a musician, Shane has recently released an album of original music covering such topics as particle-wave duality, black holes, finding a cool rock, and the banality of immortality. Bringing together his background in the arts with his geologic training, Shane seeks to communicate science in aesthetic and engaging ways that inspire interest in the natural world.

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