The final project asks students to collaboratively “IMAGINE THE IMPOSSIBLE” and crate an imaginative solution to a contemporary global issue. This year, students will be faced with the real-world challenge of completing their collaborative projects all online. Students form small collaborative groups based on interest and work together towards conceptual development. Student groups are responsible for providing a final presentation that includes the following:

  1. An abstract of the research.
  2. Development of concept.
  3. Social Context.
  4. Literature Review/precedents.
  5. Project proposal – what is the project, how does it work? What is it made of?
  6. Impact of the proposed project.
  7. Discussion points.

Students are responsible for a midterm presentation of their group’s preliminary ideas on day 8. Groups must present their proposals to all instructors. Instructors respond in a formal critique and review, providing feedback and resources for content and technical development.


Past Final presentations



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